Road Trip Effect Standard


Give your vacation videos an Indiana Jones style animation


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If you've ever seen any of the Indiana Jones movies, this effect should seem familiar to you.

Road Trip Effect lets you add an animation to your videos, showing a vehicle traveling over a specific route (that you create) on map.

The number of locations you can add to the map is unlimited, and you can use tags to add names to the different places.

You can change the following features of the trip line: color, width, opacity, blur, and duration.

You can also choose an icon for the line: a plane, a car, train, van, etc. However, if you don't like any of these, you can always add a customized one.

Lastly, Road Trip Effect lets you export the animation as a MOV file. You can then add it to your vacation videos, giving them a cool 'Indy' effect.

The output file includes a watermark on the image.

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